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Travel & Hospitality Awards

SeaEO awarded Best Adventure Experience of the Year in Lisbon

As mentioned in the last year in this post, Travel & Hospitality Awards is a global recognition programme for the travel industry recognising the very best hotels, tour operators, experience providers, and innovation companies.

The awards are given based on customer satisfaction, good standing with known suppliers and customer feedback with strong focus on exceptional service. Nominees are then categorised and compared on a regional basis by a panel of judges.

The main goal is to celebrate success through the recognition of innovation, outstanding service, and excellence within the travel and hospitality industry.

SeaEO Tours as Best Travel & Hospitality Awards
Best Adventure Experience of the Year in Lisbon by Travel & Hospitality Awards

SeaEO-Tours was nominated and awarded winner of the Travel and Hospitality Awards in the category Adventure Experience in Lisbon, with the boat tours we kept developing throughout this tough year 2020.

Although several other Nature Boat Tours are developed, such as Birdwacthing in the Tagus Estuary, Pelagic Birdwatching, Dolphin Watching Tour keep thier best seller ranking.

SeaEO-Tours operates in Lisbon since February 2018. We have an average of 870 guests per year, 95 % Dolphin Watching sighting success, 5 frequent Cetacean species and more than 39 aquatic and seabird species spotted.

We want to keep working with our main mission of Connecting people with Nature!


Whales off Lisbon

Increadible moments with wildlife must be shared. SeaEO customers have had the chance to presence exciting moments with marine species, such as Dolphins, Sharks, Seabirds and occasionally Whales off Lisbon.

Bottlenose dolphins jumping
Bottlenose Dolphin with calf Credits: @BernardoSBQueiroz

These last couple of days, a Humpback whale was also spotted nearby, swimming and jumping with all its glory. Being close enough to witness these incredible and majestic creatures makes us feel more alive. Check out our whale watching tour in september.

humpback-whale jumping so close to Lisbon

Harbor porpoises, not a real dolphin, have also been around although they are normally very shy when in presence of boats. As posted before, we have witnessed wildlife closer to our coastline.

Harbor porpoises

Check out all our Boat Tours in Lisbon with Nature Tourism concept. Embrace Ecotourism adventures with expert crew and benefit from 20% off for booking done until the end of 2020.

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Pelagic Birdwatching

Seabirds season

The season for great bird migrations has started in September, when a variety of seabirds start flying down from the Northern hemisphere to lower latitudes, such as Lisbon. Other seabird species end their “summer” and start flying towards warmer destinations.

Portugal’s mainland is in the middle of two great migration routes for birds, waterbirds and seabirds. The North Atlantic Migration Route and the Mediterranean Migration Route. Some bird species simply pass by, while others stay for the winter. Pelagic birdwatching is one of the best ways of searching specific seabird species that pass near Lisbon coastline.

National Geographic Map of World Bird Migration Routes

Birdwatching by boat

Besides the regular Birdwatching along the Tagus Estuary Boat Tour, SeaEO also has established partnerships with bird specialist groups, such as EVOA and Clube XZEN. This coopertation allows us to develop and create special Pelagic Birdwatching events for Ornithologist and bird lovers to get closer and take the best photograph if these lovely wild creatures.

In the Ocean, Pelagic Birds or Seabirds can be found along with cetacean species, such as dolphins and whales. It is very likely that on a Dolphin Watching Boat Tour in Lisbon our crew finds specific seabird species, therefore we know Pelagic Birdwatching

Cory’s Shearwater

The next Pelagic Birdwatching event is programmed for October 24th early in the morning. Chum will be included on this special and places are limited to 12 guests per boat.

What to expect on a Seabird watching boat tour with SeaEO:

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Whale Watching in Lisbon

The morning started early for the crew. Sebastian and Captain Sid prepared the boat for the morning dolphin watching tour. Never had they thought it would be a whale watching in Lisbon tour.

The weather forecast seems excellent due to the lack of wind or waves. The day promises something different, don’t you think?

Captain Sid

With the customers fully checked-in and after the activity and safety briefing, the engines soon started. It hadn’t passed more than 10 minutes and a Sunfish was spotted inside the Tagus river. Swimming at the surface, it soon swam to deeper waters before everyone could take a decent photo.

minke-whale-watching-lisboncustomers-and-whalewhale-watching-lisbonhumpback-whale-lisbonhumpback-whale-jumping-cascaisWatching Dolphins Lisbon

As soon as the tour had just left the Tagus river in front of the Forte of Bugio lighthouse, a pod of 3 harbor porpoises were spotted in secrecy at the surface. Afraid of our presence, and because Captain Sid (the Marine Biologist) understood the behavior of these lovely Cetacean, the boat let them be alone.

A pod of friendly and playful common dolphins was spotted close by, which got the attention of all guests quite fast. As they are known, this species gets close to the boats by themselves, thus providing the best chance to get a closer look at these wonderful wild creatures so close to Lisbon.

Sebastian, an excellent first mate and great sailor man, identified a strange water movement close by. This also caught the attention of Captain Sid, who sailed closer. As soon as the boat got closer, the excitement of the crew was evident. With the confirmation the crew, our guests finally had the chance to do whale watching in Lisbon.

The whale was big, longer than the boat. A fully grown adult Minke Whale was swimming in front of the bow at a distance, which was confirmed by the Marine Biologist. This is the smallest baleen whale in the world, Balaenoptera acutorostratos which can grown up to 10 meters.

Whale Watching Lisbon
Minke whale ilustration

Each time the whale came up for air at the surface, the excitement was evident. A graceful marine mammal swimming freely. That tour proved this was one super encounter with marine wildlife so close to Lisbon, with the best crew. This time, we called it Whale Watching in Lisbon, which made us proud of what we do.


Marine Wildlife Encounters

Lisbon ocean and coastal fronts proves to be a special place for several wildlife species. From a geographical point of view, it provides diverse habitats and ecosystems, thus promoting marine biodiversity so close to the portuguese capital. Guest who joined us on this Ocean Safari can better explain why:

Ocean Safari in August

Dolphin watching boat tours in Lisbon, which normally counts with dolphin sightings behond the Tagus river. This year, during August most of the sightings were still inside the river mouth. We now know the common-dolphins that frequently visited these waters were all from the same pod. It included several yearly newborn calfs.

Besides this regular sighted specie, we spotted other marine species, such as striped dolphins, blue-sharks, sunfish, whales and various seabirds.

world animal protection

Inspired by the World Animal Protection, we fight against captive dolphin tourism in aquashows. Dolphin and whale watching in the ocean must be done responsibly with professional and expert crew, sensitive to the different behaviour of the animals when approached by a boat.

Our customers also us helped collect garbage from the ocean, thus promoting ocean cleanup. It is imperative that all guests learn how they can help protect the oceans, that is why we promote environmental education on our boat tours in Lisbon.
Our follower 1000 won a Dolphin Watching Tour!!! Congratulations Sofia!

If you have questions regarding Marine Biodiversity or Wild encounters, make sure to send us using our contacts, so we can address them as best as we can. Our guides and specialists will male sure you can gather the most important information, and hopefully join us on a quest along the Atlantic Ocean or the Tagus Estuary.

We believe a more sustainable approach of global tourism industry must answer the fight against biodiversity loss and threats associated, therefore we are sailing into a Blue Ecnonomy very soon on our Ocean Safari!


Summer dolphins in Lisbon

Common-dolphin DC10

The Algae spring blooms in the Oceans create perfect conditions for marine wildlife to thrive. Lisbon has been a stage for a daily wild dolphin show since the end of May.

The Summer dolphins in Lisbon are in fact the same common-dolphin (Delphinus delphis) pod that have visiting the Tagus Estuary and the Tagus river mouth in the last couple of months. The Sailing Academy has been spotting them every day in partnership with SeaEO

This dolphin is called DC10, specifically because he has a severe cut on the tip of his dorsal fin. Their identification system is based on the dorsal fin (finger print), which is unique to each individual.

The dorsal fin cut, may have originated after an accidental boat propeller crossed a dolphin pod. Fishing activity also affects their lifelyhood, putting them at risk in several situations when dolphins get too close to fishing gears.

These marine mammals, have been sighted in Lisbon at least every day 30th of May. This pod of Common-dolphins has several individuals that are frequently spotted. Their marks or characteristics is evidence of frequent visitations withing Lisbon waters.

Because dolphins are curious, as humans are, more and more boats are triggered by their proximity. In turn, putting a dolphin pod at risk, especially when in presence of new-born calfs. It is imperative to have extreme cautions when crossing a dolphin pod on a boat!

Therefore, it is extremely important to act responsibly and book a dolphin watching tour with expert crew and licenced company, as SeaEO, which is mandatory by law.

Environmental Authorities

AOC | Licença Observação de Cetáceos ICNF, I.P. nº 12/2019

For more informations regarding Cetacean Observation Law and Licence, please contact us.

Connecting people with Nature!


Friendly Dolphins in Lisboa

Dolphins in Lisboa are more frequent in the last couple of days. A common-dolphin pod was followed for 11 days straight. We had the chance of finding them 4 times this June, and shared the position with other boats occasionaly.

Common dolphin exiting the Tagus River
Dolphins in Lisboa

Whale and Dolphin Watching is a maritime touristic
activity that most be done responsibly. These lovely marine mammals have been patrolling the Oceans for millions of years. In Europe Cetacean are protected since 1981, and to avoid creating too much pressure, vessels must obey to a special code of conduct when encountering them.

Reduced velocity, smoothly approaching the pod from behind keeping a safety distance of 30 meters (single boat) and sailing parallel to their route for less than 30 minutes.

SeaEO Tours Dolphin sightings in Tagus river

During our dolphin watching boat tours we always make sure customers understand that dolphins are protected and we are exploring their natural habitats. This includes the Tagus Estuary where they have been frequentely spotted. Dolphins in Lisboa are always a fantastic surprise!


Use the following PromoCode to get 20% discount for regular Dolphin Watching boat tour bookings until end of the year 2020:


Dolphins frequent Lisbon

In the last couple of weeks, pods of common-dolphins have been spotted be local sailors. These marine mammals, have been sighted in Lisbon at least 9 times sinces 30th of May. Today was no exception for Dolphins to frequent Lisbon.

dolphins spotted under the 25th of april bridge
Pod of Common Dolphins in Lisbon

Since the reopenning of boat tours in Lisbon, with all Clean & Safe measures, the customers have been very lucky to find dolphins “literally” in Lisbon. During our dolphin watching boat tour, sometimes we find these wild animals inside the Tagus river. In the last month of march 2020, dolphins showed up a couple of times. This fenomenon, has yet no explanation for the scientific comunity.

In the Mid 60’s, it was frequent to see Bottlenose dolphins in Lisbon, however, these started to avoid the Tagus river due to pollution. Dolphins are extremenly sensitive to noise, in this case, generated by ferry boat engines and other vessels. Fortunately, with the water treatment plants, the municipalities of vilages and cities nearby guarantee 99 % sewage treatment. Nonetheless, recreation boating has increased substancially in Lisbon.

Dolphins frequent Lisbon along the Tagus river in the last years can be due to several reasons:

  • Foraging different food sources – The Tagus Estuary serves as a spawning and nursery ground for fish species
  • Temporary maternity for new-born calfs
  • Swimming away from predators (Killer whale / Orca)
  • Parasite elimination treatment with brackish waters
  • Exploring new waters areas.

SeaEO Tours is the Lisbon Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching Leader!

Connecting people with Nature!


Lisbon Boat Tours Are Back Again

After several months in Lockdown due to the Covid-19, we are back again!

The National Maritime Authorities and Portugal Tourism bureau has reopened the Nautical Tourism activities, and we really need some outdoor activities! Lisbon boat tours are back again and Wildlife outdoor activities are waiting for you!

Lisbon Boat Tours are Back Again

Because we are wishing you can join us on the quest for Dolphins so close to Lisbon, or Birds in the Estuary, we have been preparing the season for your comfort and safetyness.

As you know, we are committed more than ever for making your experience more clean and safe with us. The preventive measures will allow you to enjoy the most out of our boat tours in Lisbon. Make sure you make the booking online, to avoid personal contact.

We expect you bring joy and happiness to the adventure trips and odysseys we prepared for you. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

For special requests, or private boat rentals for you and your family, far from crowded attractions, make sure you whatsapp us or send us an email:

Lisbon Boat Tours Are Back Again!


Clean and Safe Commitment

Because your Saftey comes first, our company have developed Clean and Safe measures!

As the Coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe in the begining of 2020, affecting milions of people, all touristic activities in Portugal were closed. The mandatory lockdown for most inhabitants and closure of non-essential businesses had a great downturn effect on the freedom we were used to.

As governments worldwide and medical staff learned about all this new vírus, it’s propagation and the fight against Covid-19 disease, we adapt to a new ‘normal’ life.

Outdoor freedom tours far from crowed activities

Fortunately, the Sun, Beaches and the Sea are still here and after several months in lockdown, the best thing we can do is enjoy outdoor life with some freedom.

Because we believe the fight against this invisible enemy in Portugal has been well managed, our company is commited to make your boat tour experience more clean and safe.

SeaEO Tours has been certified by the Portugal Tourism bureau as a Clean and Safe establishment for our customers. Therefore, we have adopted detailed cleaning and extra safety measures, according to the World Health Organization.

Besides informing our customers on what regards the Covid-19, our trained crew will follow you through the most importante measures for our boat tours in Lisbon.

The Covid-19 contamination prevention measures for our boat tours are split in 4 sections:


Before – As customers checkin in front of the meeting point, no personal contact will exists (hand-shake, hug, kiss), allowing a distance of 2m from each other. Customers will be asked to desinfect their hands prior entering the dock, the cleaned lifejackets will be distributed followed by the safety briefing.

During – The crew will distribute surgeon masks, if the customers don’t have them. Because social distancing with 2m will not be possible with a fully booked boat, the capacity of our boats have been limited to allow enough space.

After – All disposable masks, paper cups or other personal wast will be closed in proper bags. After each tour, one crew member will be responsible for cleaning and desinfecting spots were customers touch or sit with eco-friendly products.

Suspicious cases – In the case, a crew member or customer presents suspicious symptoms, SeaEO will activate the internal Covid-19 protocol. This protocol can be downloaded for more information.

Last, but not least, our cancelation policy is now more flexible then ever. All customers that cancel a boat tour until 24 hours prior to the event will be fully refunded without presenting a valid excuse. In case of Covid-19 related delay or cancelation, with proven document, all customers that cannot attend to the event will be fully refunded.

Our wildlife boat tours in Lisbon are expetected to return on June 1st 2020, adopting all the mentioned measures to fight against this disease.

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