Dolphins in Lisbon


Dolphins in Lisbon

Dolphins were spotted in the Tagus River at least 4 times this March.

Dolphins in the Tagus River with the 25th of april bridge background
Dolphins in the Tagus River

We spotted common-dolphins twice during our odysseys for dolphin watching in the Tagus river in the begining of March. Other boats also found dolphins some days later. The question relies on what is the real purpose of dolphins entering the Tagus river.

Are dolphins searching for food or is it an ideal place for giving birth? Can the Tagus Estuary waters eliminate parasites in their smooth skins or is it just curiosity?

The common-dolphins prefer deep waters in the Ocean. Their mains food source are fish schools, like sardines and mackerel. These strategies to find fish are strickly dependant on the sonar and communications skills. Dolphins have interesting society relationships, which is the key for their evolution in time.

Some of the cetacean species seen in Portuguese coastlines (mainland), are more curious than others. Common-dolphins normaly get very close to vessels.

Dolphins and whales are protected in the European Union member state waters since 1981. Whale watching and dolphin watching activity in Portugal are made responsibly. Wildlife observation in vessel platforms must obey to a specific code of conduct during the encounter with animals.

Dolphins in Lisbon are rarely sighted. Whenever they are found, it is absolutely increadible and our nautical tourism partners inform us. Our company is specialized on wildlife bout tours in Lisbon.

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