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We have embraced the Nature Tourism concept and departing on several boat tours from Lisbon on an Odyssey to encounter wildlife so close to the city. We offer experiences aboard a fast RIB in the Tagus Estuary and the Atlantic Ocean. You will get the best out of it with certified Marine Biologists experts and have a better panoramic view of the salt marsh landscapes, the Portuguese coastline and all the main monuments seen for the river Tagus.

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Nature Boat Tour in Lisbon

Nature Boat Tours

Join us in the search for the wildlife! Bird or Dolphin watching, choose your tour.

Dolphin Watching 3h Tour

Birdwatching 2h Tour

Birdwatching 1 Day Tour

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Culture Boat Tour in Lisbon

Culture Boat Tours

Get to know the most important monuments in Lisbon from the Tagus river.

Lisbon Cultural 1h Tour

Sunset Sailing Tour

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Boat Rentals in Lisbon

Boat Rentals

Choose a boat and your favourite itinerary.

The Tagus estuary and the Atlantic ocean

Boat Tours on Tagus River

View of Tagus River from SeaEO-Tours Boat

Along 34 thousand ha., the Tagus Estuary is an extremely rich wetland due to the connection between fresh water from the river and the salt water from Atlantic Ocean.

Here thousands of bird species occur as migrators, resident species, breeders and others just passing through. The aquatic fauna is extremely rich in fish, bivalves, polychaetes, invertebrates, phyto and zooplankton. The salt marshes along the shores are a clear example of the capacity of biological production, of carbon sequestration, as well as of trace metals. In addition to the diverse ecosystems of the Tagus Estuary, there are also man-made landscapes, such as the salt flats, the aquaculture basins and all the river fronts. The Estuary was in 1980, registered in the RAMSAR sites as being a wetland of international importance for birds.

In order to protect biodiversity, we have since 1976, the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve (RNET), which aims to protect the existing habitats and species. Given that, we promote a better knowledge to our customers, visit the surrounding cities, show the history of people and customs and the richness of biodiversity.

There is no doubt that the Tagus Estuary is one of the most important wetlands in the Iberian Peninsula.

We contribute to the dissemination of the ecological importance of RNET, awareness and conservation of nature under the code of conduct of Nature Tourism. Our sea-themed tour services in the Tagus and will enchant you with the richness of this wetland so close to Lisbon.

Further on, from the mouth of the Tagus River, the immense Ocean begins. It was from Lisbon that thousands of navigators departed on simple Caravels, Galleons, ships. These adventurers set out to find new civilizations, continents, resources and wildlife.

It is in the coastal zone of continental Portugal that, in addition to the numerous effluents that flow into the Atlantic Ocean, there is the phenomenon called Upwelling, which adds essential nutrients to primary productivity and consequently providing this coastline a highly productive zone in this immense Ocean. Therefore, marine biodiversity is abundant and could be even greater if today’s civilizations pressures over the oceans weren’t so strong.

We must help to reduce these pressures through the development of tourism activities that provide greater knowledge of the marine and estuarine wildlife together with environmental education.

It is essential to pass on environmental knowledge to future generations regarding the fragility of the oceans and their resilience so that they can help reduce human pressure in the future.

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