Boat tours in Lisbon

Boat tours in Lisbon, a great experience of Nature and Cultural Tourism

Our Boat tours in Lisbon were carefully designed to provide the best nature and cultural experience in the city.

Join a professional crew, that speaks 5 languages, and a certified Marine Biologist aboard. This will be a unique way to explore Lisbon and it’s natural treasures!

Regular Boat Tours in Lisbon for Small-Group

During this pandemic that we have been living, we all understood one important fact: Nature regained some of its rightful space and got closer to urban areas, including the shore. In turn, we noticed people wanted to get closer to nature, in small-group activities, to enjoy outdoor activities, sun and ocean-related tourism. We provide exacly that!

Departing from Lisbon (Alcântara), we wil’ll take you on a true odyssey to:

  • Enjoy the best panoramic views during a boat tour in Lisbon
  • See the main monuments from the river (Belém Tower, Discoveries Monument, 25th of April Bridge, Commerce Square, and other magnificent landmarks of the Capital)
  • Get to know the secrets of Lisbon Dolphins and get more closer than imagined, respecting their livelihood
  • Search for marine wildlife on a quest along Atlantic Ocean
  • Observe resident bird species and migratory breeders of the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve

All boat tours in Lisbon can be private. Our crew is qualified to deliver a personalized experience just for you and your family and friends.

It is simple, choose a date, number of guests and just contact us to book a private boat for special events.

Special Boat Tours in Lisbon

Boat Rentals for Special Events

taxi boat from lisbon
Speedboat rentals, transfers, taxiboat, nautical assistance regattas or filming production

Oceanario Boat Transfer & Skip-the-Line

oceanario boat transfer

Seabird Watching Boat Tour from Lisbon

boat tour seabird watching
Northern Gannet off Lisbon

Boat Rental
Sailing boat rental for 10 guests

Sailing Boat Rentals

Choose your favourite sailing boat and the number of guests you would like to have with you. Our crew will take care of you. We love new adventures!

Seabird watching
Ornithologist want to catch the best seabird moment on our boat


No. We will provide a lifejacket before embarking and a safety briefing at the Marina. On these tours it is not supposed to to swim and it is not our intention to get you wet! If you want to swin in the Ocean, it is better to book a private tour.

No. Swimming with wild animals is not allowed. In Portugal, swimming with dolphins and whales is only permitted in the Madeira and Azores in specific times of the year.

No. All of our wildlife boat tours in Lisbon are like safaris. We never know if we’ll find them, however, our sighting success is very high (over 90%). The dolphins, seabirds and birds of the Estuary are wild animals and they’re not fed. Although the crew is very experienced, there’s a small chance of not seeing them. The tours are always great fun with impressive sights over the coastline and waterline.

This really depends on the species we encounter and their mood at that moment. In general, the birds of the Tagus Estuary are quite shy. On the Birdwatching tour we go into a Nature Reserve and our approach has to be smooth. Some dolphins, like Bottlenose dolphins, love to jump and give us a show. Common dolphins are also curious, as they get really excited with the boat.

No. No wild dolphins are fed. The encounter with wildlife implies following a code of conduct. They are wild animals and we will try not to interfere with them, as they are in their natural habitat.

Yes, the dolphins are around the whole year. The best time is from spring until the end of Autumn. Birds also have migration routes and Portugal is very well located for migratory birds all year round.

Dolphin watching or birdwatching boat tours in Lisbon are a true adventure! We never know what species we will find. On these tours, it is possible to find whales, seaturtles, sharks, killer whale and sunfish. Seabirds are usually close to dolphins and whales.

Yes. Birdwatching is best from September until May, which include the winter months. Several Bird species migrations route are along portuguese coastline. Our Pelagic Birdwatching for Seabirds normally starts in October with monthly boat tours. We are allowed to attract seabirds with chum.

Yes, we always recommend booking in advance. In high season (June to September), boats get often fully booked!

We highly recommend the morning trips, the earlier the better because normally there is less wind and the sea is smother. Besides that, animals normally have active feeding behaviour.

Yes. Depending on the boat tour, the minimum is normally 6. If we do not manage to reach this number, we’ll try to reschedule or work with our partners near Lisbon to take you to the boat.

Some of our boat tours in Lisbon are in very calm waters, without waves, therefore it is very unlikely to get seasick. The Dolphin Watching Lisbon boat tour however is in open Ocean subjected to some waves. Our crew always makes sure safety and comfortable conditions are good enough for the tours. Some people are motion sensitive. Our crew suggests avoid drinking alcohol the day before, a strong breakfast without milk or yogurt and a good night sleep. You can bring along a sea-sickness wristband or tablets, just in case!

Yes, you can pay the balance due upon check-in by credit card or in cash.

All boat tours are always subject to the weather and sea conditions. Safety first! If the tour is expected to be cancelled, you will be contacted within 24 hours prior to the activity to try to reschedule. It occasionally may happen that the tours are cancelled last-minute due to foggy mornings or unforseen weather circumstances. If you cannot reschedule, you’ll always be 100% refunded.

No. The regular boat tours in Lisbon on Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) are not recommended for babies under 4 years old, pregnant women nor people with serious back and neck problems. On the historical boat tour, we do accept babies (for free), however they must always be close to their parents with a lifejacket.

Yes and yes. Safety first! Although on private sailing boat rentals we it is not mandatory.

Yes, it’s OK to take your camera and phone with you on the tours, but we are not responsible for any damages or losses that may happen.

Each boat takes 12 people and 2 crew members. If you need more than 12 seats, we can take several boats or a bigger one up to 18 people. For charters or private tours, please get in touch with us for a personalized offer and special requests.

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