Certifications and Partnerships

To develop our boat tours in Lisbon with all safety measures and responsability, we have been certified by the Portugal Tourism bureau, as well as the National Maritime Authory. These awards, certifications and partnerships provid a strong and secure image of our Company towards our sponsors, co-workers and guests with which they can rely on. Our licence to work is RNAAT: 589/2018

Clean and safe stamp logo

Clean and Safe is the latest certification that approves our Touristic activities, following the Health and Safe measures in Portugal. The measures adopted can be found here and are according to the National Directorate-General for Health. Before, During and After our boat tours, SeaEO has made a commitment to asure the prevention of Covid-19 contamination.

Portugal Tourism Bureau logo

Portugal Tourism bureau, besides certifying our touristic licence to operate, has financed our program under the framework of Linha de Apoio à Qualificação da Oferta together with the Bank BPI. This funding allows our boat tours in Lisbon to be creative in a safe and fun environment. It also brought to the touristic offer, a dynamic prespective and allowing customers to enjoy Nature so close to Lisbon.

Nature and Forests Conservation Institute logo

Nature and Forests Conservation Institute certifies that our Whale watching and dolphin watching boat tour ativities are done responsabily. Our Cetacean licence is nr. AOC 19/2019 & 13/2022

Banco BPI logo

Bank – Banco Português de Investimento, together with Turismo de Portugal bet on our inovative touristic project by funding SeaEO. The funding in the framework of “Linha de Apoio à Qualificação da Oferta” allows our boat tours in Lisbon to be creative in a safe and fun environment.

Nature Tourism and Natural.PT logo

Nature Tourism and Natural.PT are certifications which allow our boats to enter a Natural Area, like the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve. Developing sustainable tours in a Special Protection Zone is a great responsability which SeaEO has undertook. By doing so, we must follow all the measures to avoid disturbing wildlife and thus, promoting conservation.

Besides these certifications, SeaEO has established very important partnerships and won some Awards.

SeaEO Tours as Best Travel & Hospitality Awards

The Travel and Hospitality Awards honor companies and individuals who have demonstrated excellence in a multitude of areas throughout the year. The dedicated research seeks to highlight some of the most active and influential companies in the tourism market. Extensive sources are used to identify candidates who deserve recognition and seek to provide insight into their achievements in the past 12 months. In 2019, SeaEO Tours won the award for best tourist attraction in the category of Nature in Lisbon for obtaining successive excellent reviews throughout the year. In 2020, SeaEO Tours won the Best Adventure Experience in Lisbon.

logo BandeiraAzul

Our boats have been attributed with the Blue Flag EcoTouristic Boat since 2019, 2020 and 2021. The commitment of envolving our customer in Environmental Education activities, Safe Boat environment and a more sustainable approach on nautical tourism is part of our objectives. Therefore, we consider, as Ecotourism operator in Portugal the need to help protect the oceans and beaches essential and the European Blue Flag, is a key-partner Evironmental NGO (Foundation for Environmental Education) for our activity with the world’s most recognised ecolabel.

Associations behond certifications and partnerships

Association Lisbon Tourism logo

Turismo de Lisboa Association (#VisitLisboa) is a private non-profit association declared to be of public interest and aims at the sustained tourist development of its intervention area, with the promotion of Lisbon as a tourist destination in different leisure products and as a destination for incentive trips . ATL provides information and support to tourists who visit us. Thus, SeaEO, besides gaining visibility and credibility with customers, is committed to the quality and rigor of the maritime-tourist services offered.

Liga para a Proteção da Natureza logo

Liga para a Proteção da Natureza is the first established Environmental NGO (Non-Govenmental Organization) in Portugal. It amis to contribute to the Conservation of Nature and the defense of the Environment at large. In addition, the perspective of sustainable development is strongly enhanced, which ensures the lifelyhood for present and future generations. Therefore, reconciling the environment, society and the economy, partnerships are established with different entities that preserve the guiding values ​​of LPN‘s activity. In this way, as SeaEO Tours is a Maritime-Tourism Operator, we have as main objective to promote Nature Tourism through environmental education during boat trips with LPN members on board, as well as environmental awareness through the valuation natural heritage.

Associacao Clube Xzen Logo

Clube Xzen is an association which the main objectives is to promote and disseminate education activities for sustainable development, science and cultural education. Enhancing direct contact of associates with Nature is the core business, especially among young people. The concepts provide tools for Nature Conservation and the Defense of Heritage in its broadest sense. SeaEO has developed with the Xzen several boat tours to observe pelagic birds and in which we have always seen dolphins in these sea odysseys.

EVOA birdwatching Logo

Espaço de Visitação e Observação de Aves or EVOA has as may objective the conservation of birdlife from the Tagus Estuary and the Lezíria from Vila France de Xira within the natural and agricultural habitats from which depends. SeaEO Tours develops some Birdwatching activities in partnership with EVOA.

GelAvista logo

GelAvista is a IPMA, I.P. program, responsible for monitoring gelatinous organisms across the Portuguese coast, launched in February 2016. It aims to involve the community in the development of Science. Thus addressing the lack of knowledge in Portugal about gelatinous organisms in portugues waters. SeaEO contributes to the collection of samples whenever it encounters a gelatinous organism during its boat trips.

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