Summer dolphins in Lisbon


Summer dolphins in Lisbon

Common-dolphin DC10

The Algae spring blooms in the Oceans create perfect conditions for marine wildlife to thrive. Lisbon has been a stage for a daily wild dolphin show since the end of May.

The Summer dolphins in Lisbon are in fact the same common-dolphin (Delphinus delphis) pod that have visiting the Tagus Estuary and the Tagus river mouth in the last couple of months. The Sailing Academy has been spotting them every day in partnership with SeaEO

This dolphin is called DC10, specifically because he has a severe cut on the tip of his dorsal fin. Their identification system is based on the dorsal fin (finger print), which is unique to each individual.

The dorsal fin cut, may have originated after an accidental boat propeller crossed a dolphin pod. Fishing activity also affects their lifelyhood, putting them at risk in several situations when dolphins get too close to fishing gears.

These marine mammals, have been sighted in Lisbon at least every day 30th of May. This pod of Common-dolphins has several individuals that are frequently spotted. Their marks or characteristics is evidence of frequent visitations withing Lisbon waters.

Because dolphins are curious, as humans are, more and more boats are triggered by their proximity. In turn, putting a dolphin pod at risk, especially when in presence of new-born calfs. It is imperative to have extreme cautions when crossing a dolphin pod on a boat!

Therefore, it is extremely important to act responsibly and book a dolphin watching tour with expert crew and licenced company, as SeaEO, which is mandatory by law.

Environmental Authorities

AOC | Licença Observação de Cetáceos ICNF, I.P. nº 12/2019

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