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Whales off Lisbon

Increadible moments with wildlife must be shared. SeaEO customers have had the chance to presence exciting moments with marine species, such as Dolphins, Sharks, Seabirds and occasionally Whales off Lisbon.

Bottlenose dolphins jumping
Bottlenose Dolphin with calf Credits: @BernardoSBQueiroz

These last couple of days, a Humpback whale was also spotted nearby, swimming and jumping with all its glory. Being close enough to witness these incredible and majestic creatures makes us feel more alive. Check out our whale watching tour in september.

humpback-whale jumping so close to Lisbon

Harbor porpoises, not a real dolphin, have also been around although they are normally very shy when in presence of boats. As posted before, we have witnessed wildlife closer to our coastline.

Harbor porpoises

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