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Marine Wildlife Encounters

Lisbon ocean and coastal fronts proves to be a special place for several wildlife species. From a geographical point of view, it provides diverse habitats and ecosystems, thus promoting marine biodiversity so close to the portuguese capital. Guest who joined us on this Ocean Safari can better explain why:

Ocean Safari in August

Dolphin watching boat tours in Lisbon, which normally counts with dolphin sightings behond the Tagus river. This year, during August most of the sightings were still inside the river mouth. We now know the common-dolphins that frequently visited these waters were all from the same pod. It included several yearly newborn calfs.

Besides this regular sighted specie, we spotted other marine species, such as stripped dolphins, blue-sharks, sunfish and various seabirds.

world animal protection

Inspired by the World Animal Protection, we fight against captive dolphin tourism in aquashows. Dolphin and whale watching in the ocean must be done responsibly with professional and expert crew, sensitive to the different behaviour of the animals when approached by a boat.

Our customers also us helped collect garbage from the ocean, thus promoting ocean cleanup. It is imperative that all guests learn how they can help protect the oceans, that is why we promote environmental education on our boat tours in Lisbon.

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