Travel & Hospitality Awards


Travel & Hospitality Awards

SeaEO awarded Best Adventure Experience of the Year in Lisbon

As mentioned in the last year in this post, Travel & Hospitality Awards is a global recognition programme for the travel industry recognising the very best hotels, tour operators, experience providers, and innovation companies.

The awards are given based on customer satisfaction, good standing with known suppliers and customer feedback with strong focus on exceptional service. Nominees are then categorised and compared on a regional basis by a panel of judges.

The main goal is to celebrate success through the recognition of innovation, outstanding service, and excellence within the travel and hospitality industry.

SeaEO Tours as Best Travel & Hospitality Awards
Best Adventure Experience of the Year in Lisbon by Travel & Hospitality Awards

SeaEO-Tours was nominated and awarded winner of the Travel and Hospitality Awards in the category Adventure Experience in Lisbon, with the boat tours we kept developing throughout this tough year 2020.

Although several other Nature Boat Tours are developed, such as Birdwacthing in the Tagus Estuary, Pelagic Birdwatching, Dolphin Watching Tour keep thier best seller ranking.

SeaEO-Tours operates in Lisbon since February 2018. We have an average of 870 guests per year, 95 % Dolphin Watching sighting success, 5 frequent Cetacean species and more than 39 aquatic and seabird species spotted.

We want to keep working with our main mission of Connecting people with Nature!

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