Along the wide Oceans and seas of the world, seabirds can easily be found. Some birds live their entier life at sea. Seabirds species represent a biodiverse group extremely well adapted to the marine environments.

In fact, seabirds are birds that have adapted to life within the harsh marine realm.  Their lifestyle, behaviour and physiology may vary from species to species, despite exhibiting a convergent evolutionary scale.

Adult northern gannet off Lisbon

Seabird species sighted in Lisbon

Northern GannetCommon ScoterCommon MurreYellow-legged GullLesser Black-Backed GullGreat CormorantEuropean ShagLittle TernCommon Black-headed GullSabine's GullEuropean Storm-PetrelCory's ShearwaterBalearic ShearwaterShooty ShearwaterGreat ShearwaterManx ShearwaterGreat SkuaArctic Jaeger

Ilustrations by João Tiago Tavares

Pelagic Birdwatching Tours

Seabird watching can be done with our specialist Ornithologist and Marine Biologist using Chum as a technique to attrack seabirds on board our boat so close to Lisbon.

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