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Lisbon Boat Tours Are Back Again

After several months in Lockdown due to the Covid-19, we are back again!

The National Maritime Authorities and Portugal Tourism bureau has reopened the Nautical Tourism activities, and we really need some outdoor activities! Lisbon boat tours are back again and Wildlife outdoor activities are waiting for you!

Lisbon Boat Tours are Back Again

Because we are wishing you can join us on the quest for Dolphins so close to Lisbon, or Birds in the Estuary, we have been preparing the season for your comfort and safetyness.

As you know, we are committed more than ever for making your experience more clean and safe with us. The preventive measures will allow you to enjoy the most out of our boat tours in Lisbon. Make sure you make the booking online, to avoid personal contact.

We expect you bring joy and happiness to the adventure trips and odysseys we prepared for you. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

For special requests, or private boat rentals for you and your family, far from crowded attractions, make sure you whatsapp us or send us an email:

Lisbon Boat Tours Are Back Again!


Clean and Safe Commitment

Because your Saftey comes first, our company have developed Clean and Safe measures!

As the Coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe in the begining of 2020, affecting milions of people, all touristic activities in Portugal were closed. The mandatory lockdown for most inhabitants and closure of non-essential businesses had a great downturn effect on the freedom we were used to.

As governments worldwide and medical staff learned about all this new vírus, it’s propagation and the fight against Covid-19 disease, we adapt to a new ‘normal’ life.

Outdoor freedom tours far from crowed activities

Fortunately, the Sun, Beaches and the Sea are still here and after several months in lockdown, the best thing we can do is enjoy outdoor life with some freedom.

Because we believe the fight against this invisible enemy in Portugal has been well managed, our company is commited to make your boat tour experience more clean and safe.

SeaEO Tours has been certified by the Portugal Tourism bureau as a Clean and Safe establishment for our customers. Therefore, we have adopted detailed cleaning and extra safety measures, according to the World Health Organization.

Besides informing our customers on what regards the Covid-19, our trained crew will follow you through the most importante measures for our boat tours in Lisbon.

The Covid-19 contamination prevention measures for our boat tours are split in 4 sections:


Before – As customers checkin in front of the meeting point, no personal contact will exists (hand-shake, hug, kiss), allowing a distance of 2m from each other. Customers will be asked to desinfect their hands prior entering the dock, the cleaned lifejackets will be distributed followed by the safety briefing.

During – The crew will distribute surgeon masks, if the customers don’t have them. Because social distancing with 2m will not be possible with a fully booked boat, the capacity of our boats have been limited to allow enough space.

After – All disposable masks, paper cups or other personal wast will be closed in proper bags. After each tour, one crew member will be responsible for cleaning and desinfecting spots were customers touch or sit with eco-friendly products.

Suspicious cases – In the case, a crew member or customer presents suspicious symptoms, SeaEO will activate the internal Covid-19 protocol. This protocol can be downloaded for more information.

Last, but not least, our cancelation policy is now more flexible then ever. All customers that cancel a boat tour until 24 hours prior to the event will be fully refunded without presenting a valid excuse. In case of Covid-19 related delay or cancelation, with proven document, all customers that cannot attend to the event will be fully refunded.

Our wildlife boat tours in Lisbon are expetected to return on June 1st 2020, adopting all the mentioned measures to fight against this disease.

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