Friendly Dolphins in Lisboa


Friendly Dolphins in Lisboa

Dolphins in Lisboa are more frequent in the last couple of days. A common-dolphin pod was followed for 11 days straight. We had the chance of finding them 4 times this June, and shared the position with other boats occasionaly.

Common dolphin exiting the Tagus River
Dolphins in Lisboa

Whale and Dolphin Watching is a maritime touristic
activity that most be done responsibly. These lovely marine mammals have been patrolling the Oceans for millions of years. In Europe Cetacean are protected since 1981, and to avoid creating too much pressure, vessels must obey to a special code of conduct when encountering them.

Reduced velocity, smoothly approaching the pod from behind keeping a safety distance of 30 meters (single boat) and sailing parallel to their route for less than 30 minutes.

SeaEO Tours Dolphin sightings in Tagus river

During our dolphin watching boat tours we always make sure customers understand that dolphins are protected and we are exploring their natural habitats. This includes the Tagus Estuary where they have been frequentely spotted. Dolphins in Lisboa are always a fantastic surprise!


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