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Dolphins frequent Lisbon

In the last couple of weeks, pods of common-dolphins have been spotted be local sailors. These marine mammals, have been sighted in Lisbon at least 9 times sinces 30th of May. Today was no exception for Dolphins to frequent Lisbon.

dolphins spotted under the 25th of april bridge
Pod of Common Dolphins in Lisbon

Since the reopenning of boat tours in Lisbon, with all Clean & Safe measures, the customers have been very lucky to find dolphins “literally” in Lisbon. During our dolphin watching boat tour, sometimes we find these wild animals inside the Tagus river. In the last month of march 2020, dolphins showed up a couple of times. This fenomenon, has yet no explanation for the scientific comunity.

In the Mid 60’s, it was frequent to see Bottlenose dolphins in Lisbon, however, these started to avoid the Tagus river due to pollution. Dolphins are extremenly sensitive to noise, in this case, generated by ferry boat engines and other vessels. Fortunately, with the water treatment plants, the municipalities of vilages and cities nearby guarantee 99 % sewage treatment. Nonetheless, recreation boating has increased substancially in Lisbon.

Dolphins frequent Lisbon along the Tagus river in the last years can be due to several reasons:

  • Foraging different food sources – The Tagus Estuary serves as a spawning and nursery ground for fish species
  • Temporary maternity for new-born calfs
  • Swimming away from predators (Killer whale / Orca)
  • Parasite elimination treatment with brackish waters
  • Exploring new waters areas.

SeaEO Tours is the Lisbon Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching Leader!

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Lisbon Boat Tours Are Back Again

After several months in Lockdown due to the Covid-19, we are back again!

The National Maritime Authorities and Portugal Tourism bureau has reopened the Nautical Tourism activities, and we really need some outdoor activities! Lisbon boat tours are back again and Wildlife outdoor activities are waiting for you!

Lisbon Boat Tours are Back Again

Because we are wishing you can join us on the quest for Dolphins so close to Lisbon, or Birds in the Estuary, we have been preparing the season for your comfort and safetyness.

As you know, we are committed more than ever for making your experience more clean and safe with us. The preventive measures will allow you to enjoy the most out of our boat tours in Lisbon. Make sure you make the booking online, to avoid personal contact.

We expect you bring joy and happiness to the adventure trips and odysseys we prepared for you. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

For special requests, or private boat rentals for you and your family, far from crowded attractions, make sure you whatsapp us or send us an email:

Lisbon Boat Tours Are Back Again!


Clean and Safe Commitment

Because your Saftey comes first, our company have developed Clean and Safe measures!

As the Coronavirus outbreak spread across the globe in the begining of 2020, affecting milions of people, all touristic activities in Portugal were closed. The mandatory lockdown for most inhabitants and closure of non-essential businesses had a great downturn effect on the freedom we were used to.

As governments worldwide and medical staff learned about all this new vírus, it’s propagation and the fight against Covid-19 disease, we adapt to a new ‘normal’ life.

Outdoor freedom tours far from crowed activities

Fortunately, the Sun, Beaches and the Sea are still here and after several months in lockdown, the best thing we can do is enjoy outdoor life with some freedom.

Because we believe the fight against this invisible enemy in Portugal has been well managed, our company is commited to make your boat tour experience more clean and safe.

SeaEO Tours has been certified by the Portugal Tourism bureau as a Clean and Safe establishment for our customers. Therefore, we have adopted detailed cleaning and extra safety measures, according to the World Health Organization.

Besides informing our customers on what regards the Covid-19, our trained crew will follow you through the most importante measures for our boat tours in Lisbon.

The Covid-19 contamination prevention measures for our boat tours are split in 4 sections:


Before – As customers checkin in front of the meeting point, no personal contact will exists (hand-shake, hug, kiss), allowing a distance of 2m from each other. Customers will be asked to desinfect their hands prior entering the dock, the cleaned lifejackets will be distributed followed by the safety briefing.

During – The crew will distribute surgeon masks, if the customers don’t have them. Because social distancing with 2m will not be possible with a fully booked boat, the capacity of our boats have been limited to allow enough space.

After – All disposable masks, paper cups or other personal wast will be closed in proper bags. After each tour, one crew member will be responsible for cleaning and desinfecting spots were customers touch or sit with eco-friendly products.

Suspicious cases – In the case, a crew member or customer presents suspicious symptoms, SeaEO will activate the internal Covid-19 protocol. This protocol can be downloaded for more information.

Last, but not least, our cancelation policy is now more flexible then ever. All customers that cancel a boat tour until 24 hours prior to the event will be fully refunded without presenting a valid excuse. In case of Covid-19 related delay or cancelation, with proven document, all customers that cannot attend to the event will be fully refunded.

Our wildlife boat tours in Lisbon are expetected to return on June 1st 2020, adopting all the mentioned measures to fight against this disease.

Clean and safe boat tours



Safety measures Covid-19 outbreak

Due to unforeseen circumstances related with the new Coronavirus related disease outbrake, SeaEO Tours has suspended all boat tours. The WHO has considered Covid-19 a world pandemic situation.

From mid-March until the end of May we will be working from home and doing some boat maintenance. The national lockdown measures have forbidden all touristic activities and people gathering. Therefore, and in the begining of May, we will evaluate the health and safety conditions at a national level.

When the national lockdown imposition are suspended, we will adopt safety and hygienic measures for each customer. For the health of all aboard with us, returning to our activities with all the precautions necessary will be mandatory. We believe hygienic measures and social distancing may allow you to enjoy the experiences with wildlife we have prepared for you.

Check out our boat tour health measures or download the guidelines bellow.

We are commited to adopt safe and health measures, by cleaning the boats and informing our customers. Equipment will also be available during our boat tours. Therefore, Portugal Tourism has recognized SeaEO Tours with the Clean and Safe Establishment according to the Health Measures in Portugal

Read some of the following measures according to guidelines:

  • Before each tour, the crew/tour guide will proceed to a safe and health briefing with all the information on how to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
  • Boat cleaning before and after each tour with proper anti-ceptic solutions;
  • No physical contact with customers (hand-shakes, kisses or hugs), which includes a safety distance of 1 meter when possible;
  • Face mask available for each customer to use during our boat tours in Lisbon;
  • Desinfection of all customer’s hands with alcholic gel before entering the boats;
  • Available bin on board for one-use equipment or litter per tour;
  • Cardboard disposable cups for any drinks on board;

Safey first!

Clean and safe boat tours

Birdwatching by boat or dolphin watching or other boat tours in Lisbon will be waiting for you!


Dolphins in Lisbon

Dolphins were spotted in the Tagus River at least 4 times this March.

Dolphins in the Tagus River with the 25th of april bridge background
Dolphins in the Tagus River

We spotted common-dolphins twice during our odysseys for dolphin watching in the Tagus river in the begining of March. Other boats also found dolphins some days later. The question relies on what is the real purpose of dolphins entering the Tagus river.

Are dolphins searching for food or is it an ideal place for giving birth? Can the Tagus Estuary waters eliminate parasites in their smooth skins or is it just curiosity?

The common-dolphins prefer deep waters in the Ocean. Their mains food source are fish schools, like sardines and mackerel. These strategies to find fish are strickly dependant on the sonar and communications skills. Dolphins have interesting society relationships, which is the key for their evolution in time.

Some of the cetacean species seen in Portuguese coastlines (mainland), are more curious than others. Common-dolphins normaly get very close to vessels.

Dolphins and whales are protected in the European Union member state waters since 1981. Whale watching and dolphin watching activity in Portugal are made responsibly. Wildlife observation in vessel platforms must obey to a specific code of conduct during the encounter with animals.

Dolphins in Lisbon are rarely sighted. Whenever they are found, it is absolutely increadible and our nautical tourism partners inform us. Our company is specialized on wildlife bout tours in Lisbon.

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Travel & Hospitality Awards

SeaEO awarded Best Wildlife Tour in Lisbon

Travel & Hospitality Awards is a global recognition programme for the travel industry recognising the very best hotels, tour operators, experience providers, and innovation companies.

travel and hospitality award winner 2020

The awards are given based on customer satisfaction, good standing with known suppliers and customer feedback with strong focus on exceptional service. Nominees are then categorised and compared on a regional basis by a panel of judges.

The main goal is to celebrate success through the recognition of innovation, outstanding service, and excellence within the travel and hospitality industry.

SeaEO-Tours was nominated and awarded winner of the Travel and Hospitality Awards in the category Wildlife Tours in Lisbon.

With Dolphin Watching Tour as a Best Seller, Sidónio Paes, Co-Founder and CEO, explains:

This award reflects the customer centric approach that we proudly work on since the first day as well the teamwork that we’ve been developing along with our partners and suppliers.

Sidónio Paes, CEO

SeaEO-Tours operates in Lisbon since February 2018.


Why is the Tagus Estuary so important?

Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve

Along 34 thousand ha., the Tagus Estuary is an extremely rich wetland due to the connection between fresh water from the river and the saltwater from Atlantic Ocean.

Here thousands of bird species occur as migrators, resident species, breeders and others just passing through. The aquatic fauna is extremely rich in fish, bivalves, polychaetes, invertebrates, phyto and zooplankton. Salt marshes along the shores are a clear example of the capacity of biological production, of carbon sequestration, as well as of trace metals. Besides diverse ecosystems of the Tagus Estuary, there are also man-made landscapes: Salt flats, Aquaculture basins and all the river fronts. The Estuary was in 1980, registered in the RAMSAR sites as being a wetland of international importance for birds.

In order to protect biodiversity, we have since 1976, the Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve (RNET), which aims to protect the existing habitats and species. Given that, we promote a better knowledge to our customers, visit the surrounding cities, show the history of people and customs and the richness of biodiversity.

There is no doubt that the Tagus Estuary is one of the most important wetlands in the Iberian Peninsula.

Sidónio Paes, CEO

We contribute to the dissemination of the ecological importance of RNET, awareness and conservation of nature under the code of conduct of Nature Tourism. Our wildlife tour services in Tagus will enchant you with the richness of this wetland so close to Lisbon. Dolphins can be seen inside the Tagus Estuary.

Further on, from the mouth of the Tagus River, the immense Ocean begins. It was from Lisbon that thousands of navigators departed on simple Caravels, Galleons, ships. These adventurers set out to find new civilizations, continents, resources and wildlife.

It is in the coastal zone of continental Portugal that, in addition to the numerous effluents that flow into the Atlantic Ocean, there is the phenomenon called Upwelling, which adds essential nutrients to primary productivity and consequently providing this coastline a highly productive zone in this immense Ocean. Marine biodiversity is abundant and could be even greater if today’s civilizations pressures over the oceans weren’t so strong.

We must help to reduce these pressures through the development of tourism activities that provide greater knowledge of the marine and estuarine wildlife together with environmental education.

It is essential to pass on environmental knowledge to future generations regarding the fragility of the oceans and their resilience so that they can help reduce human pressure in the future.

Connecting people with Nature! That’s what we do at SeaEO-Tours. Check our Boat Tours and be dazzle.

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