Taxi Boat Lisbon

Why wait in trafic jam, when you can go by boat?!

Would you like to cross the river to have a family diner in a special restaurant, while you watch the sunset? We provide tailor-made taxi-boat in Lisboa.

Oeiras, Seixal bay or the way to the modern city neighbourhood in Parque das Nações. Now you can go by boat with an expert crew and in safe conditions. Choose your pick up and drop off spots.

Map of all the taxi boat destinations from Lisbon

*prices may vary with the season

Depart from Lisbon in a fast boat and find local gems!

What to do in:

Ginjal – You with find two of the most beautiful restaurants (Ponto Final and Atira-te ao Rio), with the best view over the city of Lisboa.

Parque das Nações – The modern part of the city, which held the world Expo in 1998. It’s modern buildings contrasts with the typical houses in Lisboa, however it brings a new light to this neighbourhood. Here you can find several services, the river front with lovely gardens all along and Oceanario de Lisboa.

Oeiras – The beaches along Oeiras municipality are facing southward which make it one of the best coastlines close to urban areas.

Trafaria – It is the best way to go to the beaches in Costa de Caparica without facing the summer crowded jams. The extensive thin sandy beaches will make you want to find more about the coastline. At the end of a beach day, what about a nice traditional restaurante with local seafood? You can bring your bike on board.

Moita / Montijo – Emblematic villages that makes us travel to the original natural and cultural realm. The true heritage of the Tagus-related lifestyle.

You may also like to know more about the monuments near lisbon on a boat with guided tours. Join us on the Lisbon Cultural Boat Tour.


Taxi-Boat Lisboa Pricelist

Minimum 5 people. If 4 or less prices may vary and we may work with our partners

One-way Alcântara / Belém Alcântara / Belém Alcântara / Belém
10 € per personGinjal (Ponto Final rest.)Porto BrandãoPraça do Comércio
15 € per personTrafaria
20 € per personSeixal / BarreiroOeirasParque das Nações
Two-wayAlcântara /Belém Alcântara /Belém Alcântara /Belém
15 € per personGinjal (Ponto Final rest.) Trafaria
30 € per personSeixalParque das Nações

What is included

  • Fees & fuel
  • Insurance
  • Lifejackets
  • Multi-language friendly crew (Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish)

Crew Recomendations

Our crew if fully committed to give you best experience. Here you have a few recommendations before departing:

  • Bring warm cloth even if it is a sunny day outside (remember you’ll be in the a speed boat!) and comfortable shoes.
  • Check-in 15 minutes before
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