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News about marine wildlife, conservation and nature.

SeaEO tours Leatherback seaturtle

Threatened Seaturtles

Of the 7 Sea Turtles, the Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coreacea) is the largest specie of sea turtle that exists. It can reach 3 mete...

Resgate de Veleiro após ataque de orcas

SeaEO-Tours responds to sailboat Mayday after an Orca attack

On the 21st of February, SeaEO-Tours team received a VHF communication with a MAYDAY (distress call) resulting from an orca attack, when fini...

Nascimento de Golfinho no Tejo

Foi esta quarta-feira, 27 de julho, pelas 10:37 a bordo do “Odisseia”, num dos barcos da SeaEO Tours que os 12 clientes assistiram a um dos f...


News about Dolphins

Check out the latest articles of which SeaEO Tours and it's Marine Biologist have been news in the portuguese media. The recent visits of ...

Sometimes blue-sharks are spotted at the surface

Sharks in Portugal

Bellow, the scientific illustrator João Tiago Tavares, from Gobius created these biological illustrations for the initiative to promote the i...


Wildlife Outdoor Activities

As COVID19 restrictions keep tight (published here) due to the huge number of severe cases in Portugal, the summer season promises to have so...

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