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News about marine wildlife, conservation and nature.


News about Dolphins

Check out the latest articles of which SeaEO Tours and it's Marine Biologist have been news in the portuguese media. The recent visits of ...

Sometimes blue-sharks are spotted at the surface

Sharks in Portugal

Bellow, the scientific illustrator João Tiago Tavares, from Gobius created these biological illustrations for the initiative to promote the i...


Wildlife Outdoor Activities

As COVID19 restrictions keep tight (published here) due to the huge number of severe cases in Portugal, the summer season promises to have so...


Travel & Hospitality Awards

SeaEO awarded Best Adventure Experience of the Year in Lisbon As mentioned in the last year in this post, Travel & Hospitality Awa...


Whales off Lisbon

Increadible moments with wildlife must be shared. SeaEO customers have had the chance to presence exciting moments with marine species, such ...

Common Scoter

Pelagic Birdwatching

Seabirds season The season for great bird migrations has started in September, when a variety of seabirds start flying down from the North...

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